judith lynn smith

Judith is originally from Indianapolis. She received her degrees in Education at Indiana University. Judith taught school for many years – all ages and subjects, including art. She has also been involved in business – administration, sales, and is currently co-owner of a small business. She has recently been able to pursue her life-long love of art, through painting in oil.

artist statement:

I have been an art enthusiast since childhood – but only recently had the opportunity to study oil painting.  After just a few lessons – it became my 'passion'.  I very quickly became involved in exhibitions and competitions throughout our state. I am a member of many of the art groups, guilds and clubs in Central Indiana.  This has provided a wonderful opportunity to meet other artists – who have been so supportive and encouraging.

I am continually working to improve my painting skills, and have appreciated the comments of many of the master artists I admire – that all artists are continually learning and broadening their technique and subject matter.  In fact, it is the challenge of improving in any career, sport, hobby or art that is the motivating factor to an interesting and successful life.

As a former teacher I believe that children should be encouraged in the arts – and I am convinced that every child – and adult -- has creative abilities. When given the opportunity to explore different mediums, each will find the one they find most fulfilling and enjoyable.

I have paintings on exhibit at various locations in Terre Haute,  Zionsville, Noblesville, Crawfordsville and Indianapolis, as well as exhibitions and competitions throughout central Indiana.